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Computer Buying Tip #3: RAM

If your computer is new (or slow), a good thing to invest in is extra RAM (Random Access Memory).

These complex chips store memory in a sort of quick reference format that is only erased when power is removed.

Increasing this will give your computer more power and ability to do tasks like streaming, video editing, gaming and more.

Any attempts at adding or changing RAM can cause instant and irreversible damage to your computer!

If you need more RAM installed on your PC, let AP Computer Repair help!  336-423-4859

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Computer Buying Tip #2: Read Reviews

Just like any other product with industry and customer reviews, computers have their reviews too.

Chances are that there is a review of your potential new computer. If there is it will probably be here on, a site for techies and non-techies alike.

Always read reviews first, as they may contain information that can sway your computer buying decision easier.  For example, the review might have said that the computer you’re con$100.00 less you can get a faster computer that’s comparable.  This happened to us and we were able to get a great deal with better parts just because we read the review.

AP Computer Repair can help you with your new computer (or fixing your old one), by just a phone call!

336-423-4859 – We Come To You!

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Computer Buying Tip #1: PC Vs. Mac

If you’ve ever heard anyone debate their side of the PC vs Mac argument, then you know it’s a rather subjective, and sometimes contentious, disagreement about which is better.

It comes down to personal choice and cost, but since we here at AP Computer Repair in Kernersville only work on PC’s (sorry, no Apple products), we recommend PC products over Mackernersville computer repair.

If you’re in the market for a new computer or if you’re having a computer or laptop issue, simply call us!  336-423-4859

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