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Do NOT Use AVG Anti-Virus Software

In our professional opinions, AVG anti-virus software does NOT do a thorough enough job. Let us help you get the proper (and free) anti-virus software on your PC today!

Call Dallas at 336-423-4859

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Clicking Noise Coming From Your Computer?


Is your computer making noise?

A clicking, ticking, or unusually long whirring noise is typically a sign that your hard drive is failing.

You may be nearing the life expectancy of your current hard-drive. This is the moment to preform a back-up and prepare for a  hard-drive crash.  A system image can easily be made on an external hard-drive, for in case of emergency. I can’t tell you the number of times where a backup would have saved months worth of work for a simple process that can be done overnight.

To start a back-up, which should be done semi-regularly and at first sign of any problem or unusual noise, run your anti-virus and malware detection software first so you are not copying a virus or malware over to your external hard drive:

Open your ‘Control Panel’
Under ‘System and Security’ Choose ‘Back up your computer’
Select’Set up Backup’
Select the external hard-drive and hit ‘Next’
Choose the ‘Let Me Choose’ Option
Choose to Backup all that you want/need
Review the backup settings and hit ‘Change Schedule’

Here is where you can decide how often it run a backup. You can decide to run it weekly, monthly, or whenever you choose. Decide based on your own back-up needs.  If you have trouble figuring out which files, then copy them all!

When all is done hit ‘Save Settings and Exit.’

Your computer should now create a back-up to the drive you selected. It will also attempt to back-up based on the schedule set-up.

The last thing to do is look into purchasing a new hard-drive or upgrade to a solid state drive (SSD).

Call me at 336-423-4859 to help.  Remember…We come to you!

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Computer Repair Tip #6: Just In Case

This tip isn’t meant to treat you like a child with its simplicity, but it really is a computer repair tip.  Ready for it…?

Is your computer plugged in?

Yep.  We’ve found that to be the problem often enough that we felt it warranted a blog post to remind you to plug in your computer 🙂

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Computer Repair Tip #5: Be Careful With A Defrag

Over time hard drives become fragmented due to how they write their information. If you are experiencing slow load times you may want to defragment your hard drive.

Warning !! Shutting your computer down during a defrag can cause
irreversible damage to the files on your computer.  Having a UPC connected is highly recommended during a defrag.

In order to Defrag your computer on a Win 7 Computer

Hit ‘Start’
Select ‘All Programs’
Navigate to ‘Accessories’
Navigate to ‘System Tools’
Select Disk Defragmenter

A window will open and a series of options will be made available.

Highlight the Disk you wish to Defragment (C:)
First Analyze the C: Disk by Clicking ‘Analyze Disk’
Then after Analyzing the Disk, decide if you wish to go forward with a Defrag
If you wish to Defragment Click ‘Defragment Disk’

!!Allow your computer to fully Defragment the Disk!!
It may appear frozen, but that is normal.

If you need help defragging your hard drive, we can help!  336-423-4859

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Computer Repair Tip #4: Windows Updates

Updating is one of the most important things you can do on a computer.  An update in the firmware can increase the output and functionality of your computer or mobile device’s inner hardware.  An update in software can add more functions and accessibility to software and applications.

In addition to added functionality, updating also adds security and fixes that may causes crashes in the future.

The most important software to keep up-to-date is the Operating System, OS for short.  In order to update your OS you must first determine your version (Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, etc.)

The way to update a computer OS using Windows 7:

Hit ‘Start’
Select ‘All Programs’
Select ‘Windows Update’
Click ‘Check for Updates’
Install Updates

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Computer Repair Tip #3: Sleepless In Kernersville

A good way to save on power bills is to use the built-in sleep function on your computer. It’s located in your Start Menu and will allow for a quick boot-up and allow you to keep documents open if you need.

This method is okay for long term use, but an occasional shutdown is recommended to allow your CPU and RAM to fully reset and install updates.

If you’re in the Kernersville area, let us help troubleshoot your computer repair needs!  336-423-4859

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Computer Repair Tip #2: Don’t Open Your Computer Case Or Else…

Did you know that opening your computer or laptop CPU case can and will void your warranty?  So, please make sure before opening that you know what you’re doing or else you might void your warranty!

Don’t know what you’re doing?  We can help!  336-423-4859 (in the Kernersville area only).

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Computer Repair Tip #1: Always Use An Anti-Virus

Shame on you if you’re not using an anti-virus.

Ok, now that  your scolding is out of the way…let’s get you protected now!

Download free anti-virus software from  One example is here.  And we’ve provided this YouTube video of how to install Avast anti-virus software.

If you’re in the Kernersville area and need our help with a virus, please just contact us at 336-423-4859.

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