Virtual Private Network (VPN)

We’ve been getting more calls lately about how to set up a virtual private network (VPN), so the government’s prying eyes can’t see your browsing history.

This is a very easy process and we can show you how to do it properly. Just give Dallas a call at 336-423-4859.

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If We Can’t Fix It…

You don’t pay!

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Slow Computer?

There are numerous reasons that could cause a slow computer: Virus, Unwanted software running in the background, Processing, Memory…or maybe it’s just plain old 🙂

Whatever the cause(s), we’re here to help! Give Dallas a call at 336-423-4859 and get your PC running smoothly again!

We’re an On-Call computer repair service, so “We Come To You!”

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Do NOT Use AVG Anti-Virus Software

In our professional opinions, AVG anti-virus software does NOT do a thorough enough job. Let us help you get the proper (and free) anti-virus software on your PC today!

Call Dallas at 336-423-4859

“We Come To You!”

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Kernersville Business Computer Networking – Server Administration

Need your business network (wi-fi, etc.) installed or repaired?

Let us be your computer geeks!

Call Dallas at 336-423-4859.

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Need To Encrypt Your Private Computer Files From Prying Eyes?

Your pics and data are your business…not anyone else’s. How do you stop anyone from seeing files you’re needing to keep hidden? Encrypt them!

Call Dallas at 336-423-4859 if you or your business needs help learning how to hide your files via encryption and, of course, decrypting them for your own personal viewing.

“We Come To You!”

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Reidsville & Walkertown NC Computer Repair

Hello Reidsville and Walkertown, NC!

AP PC Repair in Kernersville is an on-call computer repair service who has now expanded its territories to include your areas!

Call Dallas at 336-423-4859 if your computer is making you angry 🙂

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We Now Install Basic Home Security For Our Customers!

Need a Wi-Fi HD video camera pointed somewhere and recording what’s happening? We can help! Call Dallas or Allen at 336-423-4859.

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Update Your Java Now!

There are some serious viruses (ransomware/malware) going around. You can get them easily via using Java, which most computers  do use. Update your Java here.

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Data Backup Of Your Images, Videos, Etc.

You should be backing up your important data everyday. Anything can happen with a computer at any second. Please backup your data or have us do it for you! We Come To You! Phone: 336-423-4859

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