Computer Buying Tip #1: PC Vs. Mac

If you’ve ever heard anyone debate their side of the PC vs Mac argument, then you know it’s a rather subjective, and sometimes contentious, disagreement about which is better.

It comes down to personal choice and cost, but since we here at AP Computer Repair in Kernersville only work on PC’s (sorry, no Apple products), we recommend PC products over Mackernersville computer repair.

If you’re in the market for a new computer or if you’re having a computer or laptop issue, simply call us!  336-423-4859

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Computer Repair Tip #3: Sleepless In Kernersville

A good way to save on power bills is to use the built-in sleep function on your computer. It’s located in your Start Menu and will allow for a quick boot-up and allow you to keep documents open if you need.

This method is okay for long term use, but an occasional shutdown is recommended to allow your CPU and RAM to fully reset and install updates.

If you’re in the Kernersville area, let us help troubleshoot your computer repair needs!  336-423-4859

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Get To Know Us! :)

Here is the 411 on your computer nerds…

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Our Services & Pricing

Are here 🙂

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Computer Repair Tip #2: Don’t Open Your Computer Case Or Else…

Did you know that opening your computer or laptop CPU case can and will void your warranty?  So, please make sure before opening that you know what you’re doing or else you might void your warranty!

Don’t know what you’re doing?  We can help!  336-423-4859 (in the Kernersville area only).

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Computer Repair Tip #1: Always Use An Anti-Virus

Shame on you if you’re not using an anti-virus.

Ok, now that  your scolding is out of the way…let’s get you protected now!

Download free anti-virus software from  One example is here.  And we’ve provided this YouTube video of how to install Avast anti-virus software.

If you’re in the Kernersville area and need our help with a virus, please just contact us at 336-423-4859.

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