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What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware (software intended to damage or disable a computer) that seizes control of your computer. It then forces you to send some type of payment to the ransomware owner in order to unlock your computer and give you access again. To date, there is very little that can be done if you get this type of malware (although we have found a few tricks to circumvent a few of them).

It seems that, currently, one main way to get ransomware on your pc is via bogus Adobe Flash updates. A screen may pop-up asking you to upgrade your Flash software, but it’s not legit and will lock up your PC.

You can avoid this  by going to Adobe’s Flash page to check and see  if your Flash needs upgrading or not.  By the same token, it’s always best to go to a software owner’s direct site to get software and updates.

Viruses, malware, etc. writers are getting more clever, so you have to learn to keep your computer secure at all times.

Dallas can give you a full security upgrade to your PC, if needed. Just call him at 336-423-4859 to make an appointment!

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Anti Malware Software

People ask us all of the time what software we use for malware.  We use “Malwarebytes“.


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